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Living Room

Funky Victorian Trolley

In the good old times they were called ‘dumb waiters’ and served as drinks and food dining room tables. This old Victorian piece (ca 1860), is a beautiful example of its category. Made of mahogany. with lovely detail on the legs.

A new set of porcelain castor wheels, splash of bright red and shelves inlaid with vintage american comics (top – Adventure of the Superman, middle – Superman the Man of Steel, bottom – The West Coast Avengers) have transformed it in a truly magnificent, 21 century drink bar!

The shelves and the red elements have a high gloss finish, durable and great looking at the same time. The remaining surfaces are simply waxed, puffed and buffed so you can see a great liaison of the old and the new.

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Dimensions (cm): 100h (90 to top shelf) x 104w x 44d

Funky Antiques

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