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You are in the ‘Commissions’ section of our website so we hope you are potentially interested in placing a customised order!

The truth is, we really enjoy working with customers so the commissioned orders have become our focus.

You may have noticed that we are rather fond of our antiques and really specialise in transforming old pieces, but we are happy to discuss any projects with you.

OK, there are two alternatives – you have an old piece (take notice – we did not say an antique) sitting in your house and crying for a makeover (we are your guys!) or you need a new one to go with your home’s deco (we are your guys again!). We know quite a selection of suppliers and can get what you need plus do our thing to it to make it look great.

We will work with you to get the result you are happy with. Just get in touch at info@funkyantiques.co.uk and we will take it from there.

Have a look at our commissioned orders here:  http://www.funkyantiques.co.uk/category/commissions/.

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Funky Antiques

Funky Antiques