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Funky Antiques was born out of passion and love for wood, craftsmanship and design.

Its founder, Kasia Bielicka, has spent 15 years in corporate marketing building a successful career both in Poland and the UK, when her husband was seconded to London by his company 10 years ago.

Following her dream, Kasia trained as an antique furniture restorer in London, in 2009.

Her style is distinctive – she likes quirky, she likes funky, her creations stand out from the crowd. She is truly inspired by colour and texture and this can be seen in her work.

“Passion for design was always there as I come from a family of craftsmen – mainly tailors and architects – however my interest in antique furniture has been really energised in Britain, probably because very little of such furniture survived the war in Poland.

I think there is nothing more elevating than breathing new life into a neglected object. Giving it a modern twist makes it more relevant and appealing to a wider audience. Seeing how much my transformed pieces are loved makes my work truly fulfilling. And fun. Fun is definitely an integral part of my new profession!”

Knowing Kasia over a number of years, I’m no longer surprised by her drive and determination, but I continue to be impressed by the variety and creativity she brings to her restoration work, literally transforming often dull and dated pieces into something not only beautiful – but also totally original.

Kasia works from her studio in South-west London and is married with two children.

Linda Pini, Friend and Client

Funky Antiques